It Takes Grit Book
It Takes Grit Book

It Takes Grit Book

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Ready to transform your body and mind into the healthiest, happiest you? You’re going to need enthusiasm, an open mind, and a good deal of grit.

In It Takes Grit, fitness expert and mindset coach Rebecca Louise shares a practical no-BS guide to take your workouts, health, and your motivation to the next level—along with a 30-day challenge to kick-start your results. 

Now, in It Takes Grit, Rebecca shares her tried-and-true tools to lock onto your purpose, uncover your inner grit, and get in the right mindset to go after your goals. She shares: 

  • the 10 healthy habits that changed her life (see: not living in fear of carbs)
  • an action plan to get started no matter where you are right now (emotionally, physically, and mentally)
  • instructions for how to build an optimal morning routine, fitness schedule and meal plans that will never go out of style
  • tips for staying on track and remaining inspired no matter what life throws at you
  • nutrition plans that will fuel your body (and never leave you hungry)
  • a “no excuse” fitness plan that actually fits into your lifestyle 

Rebecca also shares targeted daily workouts to make sure you’re never overworking your body, easy-to-follow meal plans that include recipes for every meal, and daily tasks that will help you reset your mindset and get to the next level. It takes grit will give you the tools needed to enhance your life and create positive, lasting changes—all to help you take control of your health and happiness.

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